1. The Society shall be called The Scottish Place-Name Society.


2. To advance and encourage research in and understanding of place-names and their essential contribution to the languages, history and culture of Scotland, and in furtherance of these objectives:

a) to promote a Scottish Place-Name Database

b) to promote series of volumes which gather together and analyse the place-names of Scotland

c) to support and liaise with groups and individuals working with place-names and personal names on a toponymic context throughout Scotland and to liaise with similar groups in other countries

d) to produce a newsletter for the membership at least once annually

e) to engage in any other activities which will properly attain the objectives declared herein

f) to advance the education of the public by encouraging research and understanding of place-names in Scotland


3. Membership shall be open to all interested in the objectives of the Society.

4. Membership shall lapse if the annual subscription, due in March, is overdue by more than 6 months.

5. It shall be open to the Committee to appoint honorary members.


6. The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Committee consisting of six office-bearers, between five and seven ordinary members, and the power to co-opt two other members.

7. Four members of the Committee, one of whom must be an ordinary member, shall form a quorum.

8. Office-bearers and ordinary members of the Committee shall retire annually, and shall be eligible for re-election, up to a maximum of three successive years, unless otherwise recommended by the Committee. The Convener shall be elected for up to three consecutive years. Nominations for election shall be invited annually and must be received by the Secretary, prior to the Annual General Meeting. Nominations must be made in writing and signed by the nominee, the proposer and seconder.

9. In event of any officer being unable to act, the Committee shall have power to appoint an acting officer to serve until the next Annual General Meeting.

10. The Committee shall have power to appoint from time to time honorary presides as life members.


11. An Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held to elect the officers and ordinary members of the Committee, to receive an Audited account of its funds for the Year ended 31 March preceding; to appoint an Auditor for the following year who shall not be a member of the Committee; and for any other competent business.

12. Twelve members shall form a quorum for the purposes of an Annual General Meeting.


13. There shall be an Annual Subscription to be fixed by the Annual General Meeting.

14. All cheques shall be signed by two of the following: the Convener, the Vice Convener. the Secretary, the Treasurer.

15. All monies, property and other assets of the Society shall be devoted to the purposes of the Society and no officer or ordinary member of the Committee shall be paid any remuneration, out-of-pocket expenses properly incurred in the performance of duties for the Society excepted.

16. In the event of the Society being wound up, any surplus funds shall be donated by the Society to a voluntary body that is a charity in law having related objectives.


17. Members may invite guests to all meetings of the Society, but only members shall have power to vote.

18. This Constitution can be altered only by an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting after notice of any proposed alteration has been circulated to members twenty-one days in advance of the meeting.

19. Any alteration of the Constitution shall be notified to the Inland Revenue Claims Branch.