Place Names of the Cateran Trail

Foreword by Dr Peter McNiven from the First Stage booklet:

The Cateran Trail is one of Scotland’s great long-distance footpaths. Fully waymarked, its circular 64-mile (103-km) route through Eastern Perthshire and the Angus Glens follows old drove roads and ancient tracks across a varied terrain of farmland, forests and moors. Some of the routes follow those used by the Caterans, the name given to the Highland cattle raiders who were the scourge of Strathardle, Glenshee and Glen Isla from the Middle Ages to the 17th century, and after whom the trail is named.

This booklet is the first in a series detailing new research on the place names of the Cateran Trail. Each follows one of its five stages and begins with an introductory essay followed by a place name index. There is also one for the shorter ‘mini’ Trail.

The research was commissioned by Cateran’s Common Wealth, a locally-led initiative which is using the Cateran Trail as a stage for a multi-year programme of diverse arts, cultural and heritage activities and events aimed at inspiring people to think about and celebrate our ‘common wealth’, the things that belong to all of us.

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